Phoenix City

Will you promise me something? I would like to ask this of you as my esteemed reader. It really is a very humble request. Promise me you won’t stop reading when I tell you where I went this weekend. Please. Not for my sake, certainly not. That would be too cheeky and (if I’m being … More Phoenix City

Ski Teacher Training

‘Hi, my name’s Rebecca and I’ll be your ski instructor today.’ Eight familiar faces smiled back at me encouragingly. Most of them still had the examination ahead of them. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to be asked to do the teaching assessment so soon and wasn’t feeling as prepared as I might have … More Ski Teacher Training

The Final Chapter?

My year abroad is over. After twelve months in Russia and Austria, it’s time to return to Durham to complete my university degree. It would be a lie to say I have loved every minute of the year (illness, injury and the threat of prosecution certainly don’t number among my favourite moments); but I have … More The Final Chapter?


‘Do you want some cucumbers?’ Stas and I have been in the restaurant half an hour when Saul arrives, looking slightly flustered. ‘Elvira got back just as I was about to leave,’ he says. He glances furtively around before reaching into his bag and producing a number of fine, green cucumbers. He pushes them across … More Cucumbers

A Mystery

There were dragons and volcanoes and castles; there was tea and watermelon and cake; and there were six of us contemplating the square tiles on the table. We were playing Carcassonne, an extended version. Bit by bit, we were building a maze of cities and roads, and every now and then, when someone drew a … More A Mystery

One Year Later

I want to tell you about the light. It is nearly five o’clock in the morning when we emerge, blinking, into the grey pre-dawn of St Petersburg. We push through the crowds milling outside the bars and clubs and turn East towards the promise of the rising sun. Ahead of us is the Cathedral on … More One Year Later

An Ode to June

June. My final month in Innsbruck. I would like to invite you on a jaunt through June. On the first Sunday of this fine, summer’s month, after a night spent in a mountain hut, I was a long way above sea level, battling my way through Mother Nature’s fury with Serena (half-Swedish half-Austrian and passionate … More An Ode to June