About me

Smart BecЗдравствуйте!

It is such a pleasure to have you here. Perhaps you know me, perhaps not – let me introduce myself anyway.

I’m Rebecca, I’m 21 years old and I study Russian and German at Durham University. I grew up in the beautiful county of Devon in the South West of England, halfway between Dartmoor National Park and the English Channel. I love to row, I love to ski, and I love languages.

As part of my degree, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending a year abroad, from July 2016 until September 2017: studying, working and discovering St Petersburg, Tomsk, Scheffau and Innsbruck (and St Petersburg again!). You’ll have to read my blog to find out what I was doing there 😉 I have now returned to Durham for my final year of university and would love to keep in touch and share my experiences with you. Sign up for email notifications on the right-hand side of this page to make sure you don’t miss anything! I hope you enjoy reading what I have written.

Liebe Grüße