About me

Smart BecЗдравствуйте!

It is such a pleasure to have you here. Perhaps you know me, perhaps not – let me introduce myself anyway.

I’m Rebecca, I’m 21 years old and I study Russian and German at Durham University. I grew up in the beautiful county of Devon in the South West of England, halfway between Dartmoor National Park and the English Channel. I love to row, I love to ski, and I love languages.

As part of my degree, I have the wonderful opportunity of spending a year abroad, starting last summer. My year so far has been split into four instalments: summer school in St Petersburg, university in Tomsk, working in a ski school in Scheffau and university in Innsbruck. This summer I will work as an Activity Leader at an English language school in South Devon (role reversal) and hopefully return to Russia for a month (I am currently on the search for an internship!) before my final year at Durham begins in October. I would love to keep in touch and share my experiences with you: I hope you enjoy reading what I have written!

Liebe Grüße